The Importance Of Squatting

We all know how squatting are important and how funny people who skip them look; tiny legs and a big upper body.

It’s just not the way to go. Squats have a meaning in every single workout program, and are something that you simply can’t skip. Here are some facts why squats are so important:

Squatting makes you stronger

Squats hit many different muscles and their groups as you do them. They target the quads, hamstrings, and glutes, but don’t forget the torso too.

All in all, the squat is a rather complicated movement that isn’t easy to do, but it forces your entire body to work as one.

Squatting makes you faster

The stronger your squat is, the faster you are able to run. Science has proven that. Also, adding weight to every athlete’s squat makes their sprint speeds much faster.

Squatting can make you jump higher

This is pure logic, right? If you train your body to stand up tall with weight on your back, you will surely improve the ability to jump higher.

Squats benefits endurance athletes

As this exercise strengthens your core and does not necessarily make you big, you and every other endurance athlete will benefit from squatting.

When you’re doing the squat, focus on the range of motion, not the load. If you can maintain a good technique while squatting, doing it with less weight on is much better for the knees.

Also, squatting deep with great technique helps avoid injuries. Avoid knee wraps, because you’ll boost the amount of weight on that big bar without much effort.

Did you know that single leg squats can also work well? Mostly for those with knee issues, as doing something like split squats and lunges gets the same effect as the regular squat.

In the end, don’t forget that squats does not have to be an exercise. It can be a mobility promoter.

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