Home Remedies from Two Ingredients: Treated Cysts, Bacteria in The Stomach and Thyroid Gland

Houseleek extract and Honey are very useful for treatment of many ailments as well as Ovarian Cysts and Myoma.

This mixture of two simple and well-known ingredients is known as a martial medicine that cures cysts, bacteria in the stomach and thyroid gland, and is particularly recommended for women who have fibroma and breast cysts.

One of the ingredients is popularly known houseleek, a plant that is incredibly strong and healthy. The Latin name of this plant means “always living” which fully corresponds to this plant. It survives in almost all conditions, but usually, the people put on the roof of the house, as a symbolic protection at home.

This mixture is excellent for treating intestinal parasites, inflammation, and cancer of the uterus. You need the two ingredients.

Houseleek and Honey as Natural Home Remedy


About 250 Gms dried houseleek leaves and 400 Gms honey


Wash leaves and mince. Throw them in a pot and cover with honey. Mix well and cover. A mixture should be stored up to 7 days stored in the refrigerator, stir it occasionally.


After seven days, you can start using the mixture. Take three times a day, one teaspoon of the mixture. Consume the mixture in the morning before breakfast, during the day between meals and at night before sleeping.

The results you will see after 14 days, but the treatment can last up to a month when the cysts and fibroids completely withdrew.It also helps in treatment of ovarian cysts as well as the myoma in the uterus.

Note: Do not eat or drink for half an hour before and after consumption of the mixture.

This mixture is an excellent antioxidant and is excellent for strengthening the immune system. It is even recommended for elimination of inconvenience in case of overeating.

There are other ways houseleek can be used in form of a good herbal substitute for eradicating and healing of many health issues as well as Ovarian Cysts and Myoma. Some of these are:

Freshly Extracted Houseleek Juice

Fresh houseleek juice also cures burns, corn and warts, insect bites, sun spots and skin freckles, herpes chapped skin and many such skin related issues. Not only that, it also helps in cases of sore ear, sore gums and sore throat.

Houseleek Tea

Consumption of tea brewed from houseleek leaves makes urination easier in those who suffer from such problems and also helps easing the painful and heavy menstrual cycle.

Method to make Houseleek tea


2 teaspoons of dry crushed houseleek leaves, 1 cup of water.


Bring the water to boil and pour it over the leaves. Cover with a lid and leave it for an hour, your tea is now read to drink.

Houseleek Ointment

The houseleek ointment is a very potent home remedy in case of and is prepared as given below:

We will need:

  • 1 small bowl of houseleek leaves which are finely chopped
  • 200 Gms of fat.

Method of Preparation:

All the ingredients are mixed thoroughly in a cup heated on moderate to low flame; the temperature is deliberately kept low to ensure that the fat melts. Thereafter, it is left to cool for 12-14 hours. Thereafter, the mixture put on flame or oven once again to gently heat the mixture till it become smooth liquid.

This is then drained and put in an airtight jar and stored in a refrigerator.

This houseleek ointment helps in healing wounds; especially those caused by severe impact or crushing, long standing festering wounds, swellings, skin freckles and sunspots, fistulas and. insect bites.

Re-posted with permission from our friends wellmindness.com

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