The Four Stages of Cancer and How to Handle Them Naturally

Regardless of the vast number of types of cancer, the disastrous effect they provide is the same. The oncologists use four stages to label each state of the cancer.

The complexity of a certain type of cancer can make it more difficult to approach than any other type. For example, pancreatic and brain cancers are more difficult to cure than all the other types.

Usually the oncologists consider the advanced stage of these two types as terminal ones. However, the alternative treatments provide a much better option for these terminal cancers.

The four stages or precisely five (if stage 2 and 3 are separated) explain how far the cancer has spread in one’s body. This is not the case when it comes to leukemia, because it is a blood cancer type which runs throughout the body.

Stage 0

This stage is also known as in situ cancer, or the starting position of a certain type of cancer. Sometimes a cancer won’t move from this benign stage.

Stage 1

This is called a localized cancer, a stage where the cancer has passed through the basement membrane and has located itself in the neighboring tissue. Usually this is the first alarm of the presence of malignancy. At this point many types can be cured with the same methods used in stage 0.

Stage 2 and 3

There is a thin line between these two stages and the cancer labeling depends on how far its cancerous cells have progressed in the lymph vessels. This stage is also known as regional spread of cancer. At stage 3 it is possible some tumorous activity within the lymph nodes to take place.

Stage 4

At this stage the initial cancerous cells have spread into other organs from the initial location. It is also known as distant spread cancer. This is one of the hardest stages where the patients are usually named “a dead person walking” and are sent directly to chemotherapy.

At this point many people even disregard the potential for survival and refuse the lifestyle changes such as healthy diet, chemotherapy and other oncology treatments.

This short video will provide you an introduction to curing cancer that can be used with many other natural methods that are available.

How to Choose the Right Natural Method from Many Other

The alternative cancer methods are less complex and have higher cure rates because they treat the root of cancer and boost the immune system at the same time.

The traditional medicine’s three steps approach, cut (surgery), burn (radiation) and poison (chemo) can destroy the immune system, kill the healthy cells and even promote cancer.

The best option is to determine the stage of the disease by the mainstream oncology and then turn to some natural, safer and effective method. Practice completely organic diet without sugar intake, meat and processed food. Also, juices and detoxification are preferable.

There is an excellent resource for natural remedies called The Cancer Tutor and there you can find different remedies depending on the cancer stage. The only disadvantage of this site is that it does include the cannabis oil and other forms, but it only recognizes its use for skin cancers.

The founder of this site, Webster Kehr, recommends the cancer diet to any remedy a person chooses. Some other highly successful cancer methods including Gerson Therapy and Budwig Diet are completely dietary alternatives.

However, cancer curing greatly depends on one’s positive mindset and diet. So, the mainstream oncology pooh-poohs diets as an important factor for curing cancer. The oncologists even feed patients with ice cream and cookies while on IV chemo treatments.

The mainstream medicine is focused only on synthetic chemicals from the pharmaceutical companies. The toxic processed foods with refined carbohydrates, refined sugars and other additives should be deliberately avoided while more accent should be put on fruits and vegetables.

The natural healers have contributed to Mr. Kehl. They can provide a 90% cure rate for those people who were not subjected to harsh medical treatments. For those who undertook the traditional oncology methods, the cure rate falls to or below 50%.

The cure rate of the mainstream oncology based on at least 5 years’ cancer free life is below 5%.

Watch the short video for detailed information about some natural cancer remedies. Also, the Cancer Tutor is the perfect point to start the healing process.

Regardless of the vast number of types of cancer, the disastrous effect they provide is the same. The oncologists use four stages to label each state of the cancer.

Source  Real Farmacy

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