7 Days Healthy Diet Plan For Losing 17 Pounds

Trying to get trim and looking good for that big holiday you’ve got booked? We know how hard it can be to shed weight quickly, which is why we’ve collated the top diet plan to lose 17 pounds in a week.

This diet plan is fully based on GM Diet plan, for more details about the selection of products by days, you can check here.

1. Monday

Dreaded Monday. The first day is always the most important when you start a diet. In order to cleanse your body of toxins before undergoing the rest of your plan, make sure that you only eat fruit on this day. Whether it’s fruit salads or delicious smoothies the choice is yours, although it’s best to avoid bananas.

2. Tuesday

As a polar opposite to Monday, Tuesday requires you to only eat vegetables – no, we don’t mean potato chips! Whether you want them cold or hot doesn’t matter, as long as you avoid oil if you choose to cook them. Why not try out some carrots with potatoes?

3. Wednesday

It’s mashup time. Wednesday in this diet plan requires you to combine what you’ve tried on Monday and Tuesday and eat only fruits and vegetables. Whether you want to eat fruit in the morning then vegetables in the evening is completely up to you.

4. Thursday

This is a day that’ll definitely appeal to the speedy dieters among our readers. By eating only bananas and milk all day on Thursday, you can shed weight really quickly. Eat 8-10 bananas and 3 pints of low-fat milk throughout the day.

5. Friday

On this day, try to increase your water intake to around 8 pints. In addition, make sure you only eat tomatoes along with a large bowl of rice for lunch to curb your hunger.

6. Saturday

On this day, you should try to stick to vegetables, allowing yourself a bowl of rice for lunch. Be imaginative with this one – why not try a steamed rice stir-fry with some low-salt soy sauce for your afternoon meal?

7. Sunday

As the last day of your diet plan, it seems only right to look back at what you’ve eaten over the week. On Sunday, you’re permitted to eat fruit, vegetables and rice, along with milk. Enjoy!

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